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Welcome to our Cost per Hire Calculator - Your tool for efficient recruitment budgeting. Input Internal Costs, External Costs, and Number of Hires, and our calculator will help you estimate the Cost per Hire.

This essential HR metric empowers you to make informed decisions, manage recruitment expenses, and optimize your hiring processes with precision.


Cost per Hire:


Streamlining Recruitment Budgets with the Cost per Hire Calculator


Hiring the right talent is a critical investment for any organization, and understanding the costs involved in this process is essential for effective financial planning. 

The cost-per-hire calculator is a specialized tool that helps HR professionals and business managers calculate the average expense incurred when filling a position. 

By breaking down internal and external costs and dividing them by the number of hires, companies can gain valuable insights into recruitment efficiency.

How to Use the Cost per-Hire Calculator

To accurately determine the cost per Hire, follow these steps:

  1. Input Internal Hiring Costs: These are expenses related to the internal recruitment process, such as internal staff salaries, recruitment software subscriptions, and internal referral bonuses.

  2. Enter External Hiring Costs: These costs are associated with external recruitment efforts, including advertising job postings, agency fees, background checks, and recruitment event costs.

  3. Specify the Number of Hires: The total number of employees successfully hired during the period in question.

  4. Calculate: The calculator will tally the total costs and average them over the number of hires to derive the cost per Hire.

The formula used by the calculator is as follows:

Cost per Hire = (Internal Hiring Costs + External Hiring Costs) / Number of Hires

Real-World Example

Consider a tech startup, 'InnovateNow', which has incurred $50,000 in internal hiring costs and $30,000 in external hiring costs over the quarter. They have successfully hired 10 new employees during this time. To find the cost per Hire:

The calculation will be:

Cost per Hire=($50,000 + $30,000)/10 = $8,000

This result means that 'InnovateNow' spent, on average, $8,000 for each new employee they hired.

The Formula

The Cost per Hire formula is simple yet insightful:

Cost per Hire = (Internal Hiring Costs + External Hiring Costs) / Number of Hires

This formula helps to normalize the total hiring costs across the number of new employees, providing an average figure that is easier to interpret and utilize for planning purposes.

Important Facts


The cost-per-hire calculator equips businesses with a clear understanding of their investment in acquiring talent. 

It's a valuable metric that reflects the financial impact of the recruitment process and can lead to more informed strategic decisions in talent management.

Business leaders and HR professionals should optimize their cost per Hire without compromising the quality of candidates. 

Partnering with financial and HR advisors can provide additional strategies to manage recruitment costs while attracting top talent in a competitive market.

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