Capital Gains Yield Calculator

Welcome to our Capital Gains Yield Calculator - Your tool for evaluating capital gains. Input Original Price and Current Price, and our calculator will help you estimate the Capital Gains Yield.

This essential investment metric empowers you to make informed decisions, measure the percentage increase in asset value, and optimize your investment strategy with precision.


Capital Gains Yield:


Maximizing Investment Returns with the Capital Gains Yield Calculator


Investors looking to gauge the performance of their stock investments will find the Capital Gains Yield Calculator a precious tool. 

This calculator helps quantify the return on investment from the asset's price appreciation (or depreciation), excluding dividends or other income. 

The capital gains yield indicates the growth component of the total return on investment, reflecting how much the investment has increased in value.

How to Use the Capital Gains Yield Calculator

Follow these straightforward steps to calculate the capital gains yield:

  1. Input the Original Purchase Price: The initial amount paid to acquire the asset.

  2. Enter the Current Market Price: The Price at which the asset could be sold today.

  3. Compute: Activate the calculation to receive the capital gains yield.

The calculation formula applied by the calculator is:

Capital Gains Yield = ((Current Price – Original Price)/Original Price) x 100%

Real-World Example

Let's consider an investor named Alex, who bought shares in 'Tech Innovate Corp.' at an original price of $50 per share. 

The current market price of the shares has risen to $75. Alex uses the Capital Gains Yield Calculator with these inputs:

The calculation would be:

Capital Gains Yield = (75-50/50) * 100% = 50%

Alex has a capital gains yield of 50%, which represents the percentage increase in the value of the investment.

The Formula

The following formula determines the Capital Gains Yield:

Capital Gains Yield = ((Current Price – Original Price)/Original Price) x 100%

This figure represents the return on investment from price appreciation as a percentage of the original investment.

Important Facts


The Capital Gains Yield Calculator provides investors with a clear perspective on how much the price of their investment has appreciated, offering a key metric to assess the growth aspect of their investments. 

While a high capital gains yield can indicate a successful investment strategy, it's essential to consider this yield within the broader context of total returns, including dividends and other income.

Contacting a financial advisor is recommended for personalized investment strategies and portfolio management. They can assist in integrating capital gains yield insights into a comprehensive investment plan that aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.