Book Value per Share Calculator

Welcome to our Book Value per Share Calculator - Your tool for evaluating shareholder equity. Input Book Value and Shares Outstanding, and our calculator will help you estimate the Book Value per Share.

This critical financial metric empowers you to make informed investment decisions, assess the true value of shares, and understand their intrinsic worth with precision.


Book Value per Share


Calculating the Intrinsic Worth with Book Value per Share Calculator


In financial analysis, determining a company's book value per share (BVPS) is a fundamental measure of a stock's valuation. 

It signifies what shareholders might expect to receive for each share owned if the company was liquidated at its book value. 

The Book Value per Share Calculator is a resourceful tool that helps investors and analysts compute the per-share value of a company's equity, providing insights into its financial health and valuation.

How to Use the Book Value per Share Calculator

To effectively use the Book Value per Share Calculator, you should:

  1. Input the Book Value: The book value is calculated as the difference between a company's assets and liabilities. This figure can be found on the company's balance sheet.

  2. Enter the Total Shares Outstanding: This is the number of shares currently held by all shareholders, including share blocks held by institutional investors and restricted shares owned by company insiders.

  3. Initiate the Calculation: With both figures provided, the calculator can generate the BVPS when you trigger the calculation command.

The formula applied by the calculator is:

Book Value per Share = Company Book Value / Total Shares Outstanding

Real-World Example

Imagine 'Green Energy Corp.', an innovative company specializing in renewable energy, is assessing its stock's intrinsic value. They report the following:

Utilizing the Book Value per Share Calculator:

This indicates that the book value for each share of 'Green Energy Corp.' is $20, an invaluable figure for investors considering this stock as part of their portfolios.

The Formula

The formula for Book Value per Share is straightforward:

Book Value per Share = Company Book Value / Total Shares Outstanding

This calculation clearly shows what shareholders' equity translates to on a per-share basis.

Important Facts

The Book Value per Share Calculator is a potent tool that aids in evaluating a company's valuation from an accounting standpoint. 

For investors, it's part of the toolkit for making educated decisions, but there should be other metrics for investment choices. 

Combined with other financial ratios and market analyses, BVPS can help paint a comprehensive picture of a company's worth and investment appeal.

Financial analysts often use BVPS with other valuation methods to build a robust view of a company's financial health. 

Consult financial advisors for personalized investment advice tailored to individual financial goals and market conditions.